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Maryborough Psychology & Health Clinic

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Assessment Services

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We conduct a range of psychological assessments including cognitive and educational, learning disability, functional, developmental, mental health, victims of crime and forensic assessment.

Depending on your needs, our assessments may help to diagnose your symptoms, understand more specifically your difficulties, strengths and needs, and develop support plans and recommendations.

Learn about our most common assessments below:

Cognitive Assessments

Intellectual Disability, Impairment,

Underachievement, Giftedness,

Vocational/Academic Capacity

Learning Disability Assessments

Dyslexia (Reading Disorder)

Other Specific Learning Disorders

Functional Assessments

Understanding the level of impairment that different conditions can have on functioning

Victims of Crime Assessments

Assessment and report preparation for VOCAT purposes

Other Assessments:

Mental Health
Emotional Intelligence

Forensic Assessments

Cognitive & Mental Health

Offending Recidivism

Treatment Recommendations