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Child Services

Child Services Information

We provide a range of services to assist your child, including therapy/counselling treatment, behaviour management and early childhood interventions. In addition, we can provide education, parent and carer support. A family-centered and practical skills-based approach is often used as a way of supporting and working with children and their parents.

Specialised Assessments

Specialised assessments can be administered for diagnostic purposes, to understand severe behaviour, symptoms, reactions, or to determine cognitive or developmental levels and functional capacity.

If required, our assessments may involve:

  • Neurological/cognitive testing
  • Functional capacity assessments
  • Observations within a child’s own environment
  • Standardised questionnaires
  • Clinical interviews with parents and carers
  • Communication with other professionals

  Assessments can assist in identifying your child’s needs, behaviours and functional capacities across a range of areas such as, cognition, education, social, emotional, coping and living skills. It can help to highlight the type of treatment and intervention required.

Click here for cognitive assessments for educational and diagnostic purposes (Intellectual Disability and Learning Disabilities).

Treatment Support

Treatment support can involve short-term therapy/counselling and psycho-education, or can be long-term and intensive for more complex and concerning behaviours.

Treatment Support can involve:

  • Developing behavioural support plans which outline a child’s treatment goals, expectations and intended outcomes.
  • Aiming to reduce or stop concerning thoughts and/or behaviours.
  • Implementing positive behavioural change strategies
  • Capacity and skills building
  • Training for parents and carers in behavior management strategies
  • Social skills training
  • Coping and emotion regulation strategies
  • Providing recommendations and referring to other appropriate professional services.