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Company Overview

Melinda Metaxas & Associates Pty Ltd (MMA) has been increasing the wellbeing and life quality of individuals within the local community since 2009, through the psychological support strategies, practical skills and specific assessments that we offer. MMA are the longest established private psychology company in the Central Goldfields Region and the largest. As can be seen in our service figures of catering for an estimated 15% of the community over the last few years, we are a first choice for many individuals and stakeholders. The community, and their demand for our services, have been the original drivers behind MMA’s ongoing expansion over the last 12 years and have helped to make it the success of what it is today. Our staff are at the core of upholding the company reputation and values.


Melinda Metaxas & Associates Pty Ltd (MMA) is highly skilled in helping participants to overcome life challenges, achieve their personal goals and improve their competence, capacity and productivity. MMA presents a wide range of services, which is offered based on what our well trained, experienced and equipped staff are able to bring to the company in order to service such a wide diversity of participants. We come from psychologist and mental health social worker professions with a business direction and company profile that enables us to work with participants from diverse backgrounds and presenting issues, broadly including those with mental health conditions, disabilities, learning/academic difficulties, or who are victims of crime.


Melinda Metaxas & Associates Pty Ltd’s goals are to provide the highest quality assessment and therapeutic support services for participants, that is catered to each individual’s needs, that assists in building capacity to improve quality of living, and that opens up opportunities.


It is important to us that our company continues to provide a culture of Respect, Warmth, Choice and Quality. We will continue to show participants they are important through what we say and do. We will continue to actively listen so that we can understand what participants are going through and provide support. 


We will continue to encourage participants with different levels of need to be the owners of their care and life and strive for excellence through continuous improvement and ensuring services are relevant and achieve results. Our participants remain at the centre of our focus and company direction.



Dr Melinda Metaxas

Founder / Managing Director / Psychologist


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