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Functional Assessments

Functional Assessment Information

Functional assessments can help to determine and understand the level of impact that a mental health, psychiatric disorder, developmental disorder, or any disability can have on an individual's functional capacity.

A person's condition or disability can often limit their functioning across many different areas of their life such as at home, school, work, and in the community.

What is the Functional Assessment Process?

A standardised adaptive behaviour assessment is administered, which gathers information about your skills in many different life areas. This involves exploring the skills that we all require to be able to function effectively and independently and meet the demands of our environment. Scores are derived and compared to a sample group of individuals the same age, which indicates whether you have the capacity to perform to the age-expected level, or whether there are varying levels of difficulty for you. The specific areas investigated may include:


Functioning in the Community

Functional Academics

Home/School Living

Health & Safety Concerns

Participation in Leisure Activities

Self-Care Skills


Social Skills

Motor Skills

Work/Employment Skills

In addition to the adaptive behaviour assessment, we will develop further understanding of your functioning through speaking with you. The results and information gathered are presented in a report highlighting your areas of strength and difficulty, and it demonstrates the functional impact that your condition or disability has on your life. Recommendations are also provided which outline the supports you may require. This assessment and report can help to identify your specific needs and hopefully create opportunities towards greater independence.

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